Sunday, September 7, 2008

Update Central

I know its been a gazillion years since I’ve updated… okay, not quite that long. But it has been a while. So much has gone on, and it seems like anytime I’ve had time to breathe I’ve just been ready to crash. But I'm spending some time on the couch watching football, so I thought it would be a good time to update. So here goes:


This week was my first week at my school in the classroom, and it went really well. I have quite a caseload of 4th graders, but I really like all my kids. They kept my hands full, and I definitely have some crazy stories to tell already, but it’s been great to get to work with some neat kids who just need some help. I spend all day, every day in the classrooms with the kids, even eating lunch with them. It’s been like going back to 4th grade all over again, and I’m learning the ropes pretty quickly. I love being back at Eastern and Giles County is quickly becoming “home” again.


We’ve continued to make some changes and improvements here at houseofchinn, including bringing back some furniture from my folks place. On labor day, they drove up from Richmond and brought us a piano and couch. The piano is the one we had growing up that my sis and I took lessons on, and my mom decided the couch was expendable and offered it to us. We really appreciate them driving it up here, and it allows us to continue to transform our upstairs living room into a nice adult sitting room, with the basement room becoming more comfortable as our family room for tv and just general hanging out.


Being the big baseball fans that we are, David and I wanted to catch a game at Yankee Stadium before it’s torn down after this year. Even though we’re not Yankee fans, we wanted to see a huge piece of baseball history. I’ve never been to New York City, so it was a doubly cool experience for me. Cheri & Jordan (my sis & bro-in-law) decided to join us, and the 4 of us drove up to D.C. last Saturday morning, caught a metro to the bus stop, and took the BoltBus up to NYC. We spent Saturday evening walking around and exploring NYC (we did A LOT of walking!) and then on Sunday we went to the Yankees game. We then hustled back to the bus back and caught the last bus back to D.C. We returned to Richmond around 1:00 am. I have so many pictures and thoughts to share about this, that I’ll do a separate post hopefully later this week.


Fall = football. We had the chance to go to a VT game yesterday, and watched as our Hokies struggled to beat Furman. It wasn’t a pretty game, but we had a good time. We plan to watch most of the games this year on tv to save a little money, but David was able to get $5 tickets to Saturday’s game so that was hard to pass up! We tailgated with one of his co-workers and had a great time. We then came home and watched more college football on tv. Go ECU! That’s all I can say – it was so fun to watch them beat up on WVU (one of our hated rivals here in Blacksburg) since we lost to ECU last week. Our consolation -- we didn't lose as bad as WVU! ☺

Today is the first real day of the NFL season, and the Bears play tonight! We’ll be watching football all day long as we track our fantasy teams. I know it sounds lame to a lot of folks, but its really what we find relaxing here at houseofchinn. ☺


Yes, last week (Aug. 29) was my 29th birthday! We had dinner in Richmond at my folks place, and David planned a surprise party Monday for lunch when we got back in town. That was a very nice surprise, and there was a crew of folks waiting with grilled cheese and pokey sticks. You can’t beat that! Top it off with funfetti rainbow chip cake, and I was I heaven. ☺ Thanks everyone who showed up and helped make my birthday celebration a wonderful treat!

Tomorrow is our 7th anniversary! How crazy?!?!? It feels like just yesterday David and I tied the knot. He has a business trip though, and as a result, we’ll celebrate tonight with dinner and the Bears game. David has some plans, so I’ll write more after it happens.

Again -- I’ll try to post pictures soon of lots of the stuff going on… more soon!

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