Monday, September 27, 2010

Bear Down!

Tonight = Monday Night Football = Bears v. Packers.

Enough said! Daisy was decked out in her Bears gear as we watched them sneak out a win over the Packers to move to 3-0!!!!

Bear Down, Chicago Bears! Make a Play, Clear the Way to Victory!

The game was still going but Daisy took a snoozer...

Don't let the sleeping from Daisy fool you -- David and I were wide awake and tuned in, the game was so exciting!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Squeaky clean

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Murray rehearsal

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pics of week

Some pics from the past week of life in Daisy's world...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday tradition

Last week we started a new tradition while continuing an old tradition... First the old tradition- sunday ticket. Wendy and Daisy are always dressed head to toe in bears attire cheering them on through thick and thin and singing the Chicago beats fight song all day long!

And the new tradition we started last week which we plan to continue today is ordering pizza for lunch from a different place each week. The one rule? No chains. So last week we went to Roma's. While ordering I had to get the garlic knots, also. Both were quite good. I'd definitely order from again.

The cheese was very good, too and the garlic on the knots was fresh, although I'd like a little more myself. I'd rate it better than the local chains for sure and the cost was better than the chains as well.

Up this week is giovanni's. Pictures to come! If you're in the area come on by for some pizza and football!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Go Hokies

Finally! The Hokies won!

We tailgated again today although we didn't go to the game. (We helped the Osters move, instead.)

Here's Daisy and I eating brunch.

And Daisy eating pancakes.

Daisy and Daddy relaxing at the tailgate.

Daisy meeting the Virginia Diner peanut:

Some unrelated pics and video from later today:

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Free pizza Friday

I was the recipient of free pizza twice on Friday... It was "fall bash" at work which meant student activities provided free pizza for lunch.

For dinner, our friends Greg and Annie were in town so we went to PK's. Jeanette joined us, and it turned out the only table open on the patio was in a reserved section. The other people in that section not only allowed us to take the open table, but they shared their pizza and wings with us, too. It was very generous. Daisy enjoyed trying the pizza and gnawed on some crust for quite some time.

Here's a picture of Jeanette holding Daisy and Daisy's birthday present.

Daisy was more excited than she looks. :) The gift contained snacks such as biter biscuits and a coupon for a night out with her godmother.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tired girl

My birthday desert videos!

Wow, my birthday desert! Churros and sugar and whip cream. (first)

Hey mommy, how about I feed you for a change! This whip cream is mighty good! (second)

mmm… I like that whip cream… how about a hug mommy? (three)

mmm… churro.. it’s a bit big for my mouth I think. mommy why don’t you take it… I just want the whip cream anyway! (four)

Videos from the past two weeks

This is my new horsey from Brennan. I like it a lot, although I’ve only figured how to go in reverse!

I like the box from my horse, too. Especially the sound it makes when I tap in it…although I got stuck in the box and daddy had to help me out.

Mommy is putting me on my new horse and giving me a little push to get started… I was more interested in pushing the button that makes the horsey noise than going forward.

I’m almost on to the horse myself, but it keeps moving…

I see that balloon… I’m gonna get it!

I got a hungry hippo that I really enjoy pushing down on,… but then I saw this big floating ladybug! I’m gonna get it! I think…

Warning, not for those of you who get sick on rollercoasters… this is the first time daisy has been near steps (we were at homegroup). And she just crawled over to them and started going up! I was trying to pull out my phone and catch her if she fell so it’s a crazy video, but our little girl just spontaneously started climbing up steps. She made it up about 6 steps on her own, with no help!

She then came down a few steps and started holding the posts in the rail and going back up. (please excuse my narrating. I was pretty excited and surprised!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

videos to come...

daddy has some videos from the last two weeks i'll upload later (and some bears pictures from this past weekend and day one of the tour of pizza in the NRV). Until then, i've uploaded some pictures from the last two weeks including daisy's first mexican dinner, a few shots at our anniversary dinner and visiting Unlce Mike and family. (scroll back a few pages)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Let her eat cake

It's been one of those days. If you're a Hokie fan, you know why. Wow, what a loss today to JMU. Ugh. And if you're local, you know, the weather was as nasty as the game. Just rainy and wet and yucky. Double ugh.

Although we didn't have tickets to the game, we went to a tailgate with some folks we've been tailgating with the past few years. Here are some pics of Daisy at the tailgate.

She took a nap on my lap while David and I watched the game over the internet... wow... wish I had slept through the whole thing (I did take a nap in the 3rd quarter).

Once Daisy woke up, we were all in a funk so we decided it was time for Daisy to enjoy more of her birthday cake.

She seemed to like it a lot.
Somebody needed something to enjoy this afternoon!