Friday, January 28, 2011

Snowy Morning

I'm on a 2-hr delay today so far... Snow is falling. Daisy is eating Cheerios. Seems like a typical morning these days...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pics from tonight

David was helping a friend teach a class tonight so it was girls night in.

Special thanks to Jessamyn who picked up Daisy from daycare while I was stuck at work. :)

After dinner, I ate some dark chocolate ice cream (Homestead Creamery--sooo good!) and of course Daisy wanted some. So I shared, and she got chocolate all over her mouth. But she was happy!

Then it was bath time!

Now Daisy is sleeping like an angel.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Too much food...

Too stuffed to post pics... Coming soon dim sum, rex's pizza, reading terminal, amada and Franklin fountain and girl scout cookies.... Also saw Betsy Ross home but no pic...


I can't believe the bears are not only the division champs but the number two seed with a home game!

We all met up at a big sports bar to watch the bears take on the surprising seahawks. Mom, dad and daisy were all in bears attire. Uncle chris had on a bears sweatshirt as we watched on dozens of tvs the great first half of football!

Daisy wanted tonrun around and play so aunt Katie played with daisy while we watched the game.

We watched the second half on our hotel room with mike chris and Katie while daisy napped next door.

What a game! Bring on green bay!

Reading terminal breakfast

Mmmmm....a sesame seed bagel, egg, bacon and sharp white cheddar made by some wholesome Quakers...

And also some excellent fresh made potato latkes! Daisy especially enjoyed those. Wendy liked them with the strawberry cranberry jam.

And more exciting than breakfast was.... A new cream soda!

Mommy and daisy were still hungry so we went to a bakery and found some pan au chocolait and a blueberry muffin for daisy and a double dark chocolate cookie to split.

Daisy loved the muffin

She was surprisingly good at eating the muffin parts off the wrapper without eating the wrapper!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Still napping

Daisy was still napping when we got back to the hotel so mommy and daisy snuggled in the bed while mommy updated her fantasy football lineup on her laptop.

But not for long... Daisy soon woke up and was hungry. Luckily aunt Katie had given her some yogurt covered pretzels which she loved licking and sucking the yogurt covering off and then eating. You can somewhat see the yogurt that got all over her hands, face and then her hair!

The rest of the clan went to morimotos for dinner. We opted out of this knowing a little downtime would be good for us an our wallot!

So we ordered carryout that daddy walked over to pick up.

I got a club and Wendy two more grilled cheese and a salad. Coincidentally it was the same place i got carryout from in December 2009. Both times are meals were not quite as good as the again, we got 'rex'd!'

Chinn cheesesteak challenge

One of the reasons we picked Philly was for the cheesesteaks. So we went and got some wit and some witout from Pats, Genos and Tony Lukes.

Tony Lukes

Pats king of steak


The general consensus was that Pats was the least favorite. Genos and Tony Lukes were both favorites of various Chinns...

Daisy didn't seem interested in the challenge and just played happily on the furniture in the atrium.

After the challenge we headed to reading terminal to check it out.

We found some snacks and planned to go back for breakfast tomorrow.

Daisy fell asleep...pooped after a hard day of playing on the furniture earlier and running around the market in reading terminal.

Dim sum in Philly!

Wendy, Daisy and I walked a few blocks to the pseudo Chinatown in Philly for some dim sum. I had done some research on the web beforehand and found a place we wanted to try. However when we got there the door was locked... Across the street was another place i recognized the name of so we went inside. Well... We tried to. It was packed!

We had to wait to be seated but once we did the carts were rolling.

Wendy got plenty of her favorite, 'woo-gak' a fried tarot root.

We also got some of the usual favorites bao and shu mai. The shu mai was some of the best I've had! And daisy loved the bao and the shu mai...

She even ate from my chopsticks!

Dim sum was a lot of fun for us. Up next we need will pick up chris and Katie from the airport and then onto the cheesesteak challenge!

Wake up time!

I'm hungry for some cheerios!

... And now we are all awake watching daisy put cheerios in her mouth by the fistfull and double fist her drinks with milk in one hand and her water bottle in the other. It's a very complicated and intense method.

Mommy and daddy will get dim sum later this morning but are just relaxing in bed with daisy girl for now.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Time for bed!



Mike and Bertie are in town and meeting us at Bobby's Burger Palace. On my way to go get the car I ran into love again. Twice in just over twelve months!

And my true love...

And wendy's true love...

A dark chocolate shake and a grilled cheese sandwich. The 'griddled cheese' sandwich at bbp comes with American, Swiss and tomato. I ordered it without the Swiss and tomato the way my true love loves them... And she did.

Proof is in the smile...

My crunch burger was the house special and it was very good, too as were the onion rings.

Here is the whole gang so far... Chris and Katie arrive Saturday afternoon in time for the chinn cheesesteak challenge.

Mike wasn't ready for the picture...

Neither was daisy, her eyes were closed.

But not for long!

We had a great time at bobby's and enjoyed some good food and good company.

Time to head back to the hotel to ketchup on some zzzzzzzzzz :)