Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend! Family & Furniture!

For Memorial Day weekend, we went to Newport News/Hampton area to visit David's family.

We took Friday off from work and drove to Charlottesville where we switched cars with Lisa (see last weekend's post). She picked up Subway for us, and we ate pretty quickly and hit the road to Richmond, where we stopped at "The Dump" and bought some bedroom furniture! This was monumental, as it is the first NEW furniture that David and I have ever purchased together in our 8.5+ years of marriage. :)

Here are David and Daisy at The Dump by the sample of our new set:

We arranged to pick up the furniture on Sunday with my parents in their old pick-up truck! Then we were off to Mike & Bertie's house. We met Lisa there (she left when we did from Charlottesville so she beat us there because of our stop in Richmond) and we prompty went to the ice cream truck going down the street! We were really hot from our trip because our car's a/c wasn't working. :(

Friday night, we hung out and the boy went and got crabs for dinner. We later sat outside around a fire and grilled hot dogs and s'mores.

David and Mike with some samurai swords Mike was given

David, Mike and Lisa picking crab

The fire pit

On Saturday morning, we went down into Virginia Beach to get Dim Sum. The place we always go is 3 blocks from Katie Pepiot, so David and I went by to visit with her. Daisy hadn't gotten to meet her family yet, so it was fun to show her off.

Isn't this the BEST picture? Really, Daisy did enjoy being held by K-Po.

We went back and joined the rest of the Chinns for Dim Sum.

Here is a picture we took of us afterwards outside of the restaurant.

The girls (Bertie, Lisa, Daisy and I) stayed out shopping while the boys ran errands and did yard work. We got back to the house in the late afternoon.

That evening, Uncle Mike held Daisy for the first time!

David's Aunt PJ (mom's sister) and Uncle Don, who live in Colorado, passed through for a brief visit. It was their first chance to meet Daisy. They took us out to a wonderful Italian dinner!

The night closed with David and his siblings playing Scrabble:

Sunday, we went to Buckroe Beach before heading to Williamsburg to meet my parents at the furniture warehouse. Daisy wore a swimsuit for the first time!

When we got to the beach, she was napping, so I put her in her Peapod tent. She then woke up. Isn't she cute?

Fortunately Mike and Bertie have a big canopy so we were able to sit under the shade the whole time!

After we left the beach, we went and picked up the furniture and we spent the night in Richmond. David used the hose to chase around Jonas and Asher. They had such a great time playing in the water!

First thing Monday morning, we headed back to Blacksburg along with my parents. We got in around lunch time and got the furniture all unloaded and set up! They were a huge help to us. We couldn't have done it without them.

I think that's it for our busy Memorial Day Weekend... we had a great time spending time with family and friends and we feel so blessed to be able to bring back new furniture. I'll post pics of our "new" bedroom soon... but it's not quite done yet!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Too long...

It has indeed been too long since the last post. I'll try and do a massive update this weekend. Until then, a picture will have to suffice.

Maybe two.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The past week in pictures (and a few words)

pics from my return trip from MSP and the few days following...

some valuable Daddy-Daughter Daisy time on Saturday morning

daisy and i napping friday afternoon

pizza in chicago with lisa and scott

a few flight delays through chicago (thursday)

Wade and I were treated to dinner by our good friend Jim, who had some leftover Hokie Passport money. Wade, Daisy and I walked downtown where Jim met us at Boudreauxs where we had some calamari and i had their shrimp po-boy which i really like. Daisy was herself, exploring with her eyes the surroundings. She is such a good traveler.

daisy's exercise routines...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Enemy territory

Tuesday I ventured into enemy territory. It's been two plus years since I donated my kidney. When planning my follow-up trip for the study I participate in I aligned that date with a visit from my closest 25 friends from Chicago.

What a nicer stadium. You can't even compare it to the dump they used to play in.

We had great seats courtesy of my other kidney's body (brother chris). We were 15 rows from the field down the rf line.

More importantly...

YouTube Video

The sox won!

By the was in my sox shirt, hoodie, and jacket. Katie had on some green bay stuff on and Lisa badger stuff... We stuck out like a sore thumb!

French reunion celebration

Saturday we had dinner with our friends that we went to France with last year. We celebrated with dinner and a couple bottles of wine. We were also celebrating kellys graduation.

Here is a video of the real star of the night... Just being herself.

YouTube Video

Steve Jorie and Wendy played croquet. I'm not sure who won..

At the end of the evening daisy was happy to be in mommys arms... fast asleep

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

How cute is this little snoozer?

Some other pics from the week:

Thighs like that are only cute when your age is measured in months, not years! :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

NLCF Kids!

Today, Daisy spent her first day in NLCF Kids. She's been "eligible" for a month and a half, but we hadn't taken her yet. Jeanette kept bugging us, telling David that if he can't trust Daisy with her godmother, who can he trust her with? Good point Jeanette (she's the director of NLCF Kids and Daisy's godmother!).

Finally, we decided that May was the month. So we took her today, and she did great! I think it was harder for daddy than it was for Daisy.

Here he is picking her up after the service:

I think he was realy glad our friend Kristen (above cleaning up) was in with the little ones today. She's got a 1-year-old and is prego with number two, and I know David trusts her since she's a mom. :)

Look how happy he is to see her! What a great daddy!


Yesterday morning I ran to some yardsales and did some errands while David and Daisy had daddy -daughter time. He posted some pics and videos of that already.

In the afternoon, we went to the VT-Boston College baseball game with our friends Adam and Hannah.

Here's Daisy decked out in her new VT outfit. (She had outgrown all her others from the fall.)

We moved out of the stands and onto the grass so Daisy could play on the blanket. We tried staying in the "shade" of the pole but eventually we had to give up and move outside the gate under a tree.

Here are the boys talking baseball.

David's sister Lisa came in for a quick visit in the late afternoon/evening. For whatever reason, I didn't snap any pics of Lisa and Daisy. Maybe it was the sun -- I think it stunted my brain. :)

In the evening, Daisy and I went to a bridal shower for our dear friend Kristal.

Daisy hung in there for a bit and was passed around between ladies who wanted a "squeeze." After a while, she got tired and eventually fell asleep during the opening of the gifts. Jeanette took this picture of her snoozing on my shoulder:

Overall, a great day!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sweet taters

What a cutie! Especially after she rubbed her eye! Time for a bath!

A daisy afternoon

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video