Sunday, August 8, 2010

GT cupcake

What is the best food you ever had when eating out? Did you have to wait in line? Were there tourists taking pictures of the exterior signage and a bouncer at the door limiting the number of people inside? Was it light when you got in line and dark when you came of the establishment? If all of the above sound familiar you may have been experiencing Georgetown Cupcake!

The line begins

And it goes on and on...

We had so much time we taught daisy how to read the menu

And even she got bored of reading it front and back

But they did come around with free water which was very nice.

And then finally...little cupcakes wrapped in cute little pink boxes... It was like Christmas!

Taste and see... The cupcake is good.... Ask Jenna!

YouTube Video

Back at the hotel we got our cake and ate it too.

Our pull

A chocolate #2, coconut, lemon, and a chocolate lava. The top two in the right column were for the saias. I can't rember what they got.

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