Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Leaving Glenwood Springs

We're in the car headed to our next destination. We had a wonderful stay with Don and PJ. Its been snowing on and off and the views are breathtaking.

Some pics from our journey so far:

Yesterday PJ made breakfast by flashlight because of a power outage.

Breakfast by candlelight:

For lunch, we picked up Don from work and grabbed some pizza by the slice at Peppino's:

We were going to go to a park after lunch but it started snowing, so we went shopping instead. I bought a bag. :)

While shopping, Daisy climbed all over the store and daddy chased her. We have a video we'll post later.

We all went it to dinner last night at a Mexican restaurant called "Tequilas" that is owned by Uncle Don's friend Jesus.

Now we're enjoying rhe scenic views on I-70 headed to Elaine and Terry's.

More later...


jeanette said...

SO so jealous that you are seeing SNOW!! Bring some back to Bburg!! PLEASE!!

Nicki said...

Wendy, I absolutely love seeing your posts about Colorado! It reminds me of all the good memories I have there. So fun to see the snow in the mountains. I love Glenwood Springs... we would go to the Hot Springs a lot growing up!