Thursday, February 17, 2011


We were in Richmond last weekend to "pay up" on my parent's Christmas present. We gave them the gift of manual labor, since there's nothing really material they need, and they do need help getting some projects done around the house.

The guys (Dad, David and James) spent most of the time working on the garage, which needed new siding and plywood underneath.

The ladies (Mom, Cheri and I) spent most of our time working through boxes of stuff from the attic. This provided many moments of laughter as we tried to figure out why we ever bought XL t-shirts (neither Cher or I were XL growing up, nor are we now). We also read many old stories, journals, notes, etc. that had been saved for reasons sometimes unknown. Basically, we were pack-rats and are now trying to rid ourselves of unnecessary stuff.

The other part of our Christmas present to Mom and Dad was a nice dinner out at Bonefish Grill. We went on Friday night and I didn't think to take any pictures inside because Daisy wasn't having her best night (she was cutting teeth and was way more fussy than usual). I did get this one snapped of us after dinner outside.

Mema came for a visit on Saturday and here she is reading to Daisy.

Daisy and Grammy.

Daisy coloring.

Daisy eating dinner on Saturday night... we had pork burritos and she seemed to really like them.

Aunt Cheri gave Daisy new PJ's over the weekend for Valentine's Day, so Daisy wore them Sunday night.

And here is Daisy's red and pink Valentine's Day outfit she wore to daycare.

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