Friday, July 15, 2011

My day with Aunt Lisa

Let me tell you about my day today with my Aunt Lisa. She and her dog Radley came to town early this morning. They met mommy, daddy and me for breakfast at Our Daily Bread after mommy had her doctor's appointment for the new baby.

We ate a yummy breakfast at ODB and then we went to Kroger to grab some groceries for the rest of the day. I rode in a cart with a car on it and had a lot of fun!

When we got back to our house, Aunt Lisa and I played with bubbles. It was so much fun!

Aunt Lisa also brought me a gift -- a sand/beach playset. It has lots of cool shovels and buckets and other things to play with. I have already used them to "dig" in the gravel near our driveway. We spent a lot of time outside today... here I am just lounging on the deck while Daddy Smoked some sausage and chicken

After I took a nap, Daddy took me for a bike ride and Aunt Lisa and Radley went for a walk alongside of us. I love riding the bike with Daddy!

In the early evening, I had my final swim class. Here is me in the water with a life jacket on. Aunt Lisa got to come, too, and she and mommy watched me do my lesson with daddy.

When we got home, we had homemade pizza for dinner and relaxed on the deck. Mommy then went to meet some friends for dessert and Daddy, Aunt Lisa, Radley and I walked to Rita's for dessert. I was so excited about getting in the stroller that I climbed in it all by myself when daddy and mommy weren't looking.

After walking back home, I went to sleep. I was tired because it was a long day filled with so much fun. I'm glad Aunt Lisa and Radley came to visit me. I hope they can do it again soon.

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