Friday, December 30, 2011

San Francisco - Day 3

San Francisco - Day 3

Daisy began our day by telling us about "no more monkeys jumping on the bed"...

David had read about a place called Mama's that served great breakfast. We strapped both girls in carriers and walked about a mile and a half, only to find the line out the door and around the block.

With toddlers, you learn that lines aren't a good thing. So we left and began walking back to another little cafe we had passed along the route. We quickly grabbed a picture of us with Coit Tower in the background.

We ended up eating a place called Pat's Cafe. It was tasty and the atmosphere was quiet and lovely.

Daisy enjoyed a snack while waiting for the food to come.

David and I both got omelets that were very good. Mine had avocado, tomatoes, and chicken apple sausage. David's had italian sausage and peppers (I think). Daisy ate my fresh fruit cup. She LOVES fruit. The omelets were served with fresh sourdough toast which was delicious.

Outside of Pat's Cafe

After checking out of hotel, David picked up a rental car and we made a few sightseeing stops. First was Coit Tower in person. The line to park was long so we jumped out and took a quick picture before driving away.

We then went to the top of Lombard Street, known as the "crookedest street in America."
The view from the bottom

We then headed out to lunch, and found a place called Patxi's Pizza, which served deep dish Chicago style pizza. We had to try this out since we love real Chicago pizza. This place didn't disappoint.

After lunch, we drove by the place we stayed on our honeymoon 10 years ago. The place looks the same and we have very fond memories of staying there.

I decided I wanted to run across the Golden Gate Bridge, which was something we were not able to do in 2001. Because September 11 happened the Tuesday of our honeymoon, they closed the bridge to pedestrians. I had always wanted to walk on it. Now that I'm a runner, I thought it would be so cool to run across it. So David let me check something off my bucket list (he wants to do it too, but someone had to stay with the girls). It was wet and rainy, but David dropped me off at the end and he took the girls on a drive. I ran across it, and met him on the other side. I can't thank him enough for keeping the girls (Rose was having a crying fit because she was hungry) while I was able to run the 1.7 miles across.

 Finished and back with the fam...
We then kept driving up Hwy 101 to Windsor, where our friends Dom and Hilary are visiting from France. Hilary's family lives here and they are in town for the holidays.

Dom holding Daisy... don't worry, she warmed up to him after about 5 minutes.

Eating some appetizers and enjoying the relaxing night.
More to come soon...

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