Sunday, February 19, 2012

Past two months

I got a new phone two months ago and hadn't downloaded the blog ap until now. Here are a few quick pics and videos from jan and feb. enjoy!

Love my hokies and my cubby!

The godfather.

Like father like...daughter

A junior burrito ?

Future wedding slide show picture. Very distant future.

I still love to carry things on my arm

Too bad the book doesn't have handles

Trust me

No pot of

Gold here.

Because I love my wife

Dreaming of Logan Thomas' to Danny Coale...

Just a dream...

Safety first?



Ever (daddy won)

Holy moly it's more guacamole!

Chinese 'calligraphy'

Way to go mommy and rose!

A nighttime valentines day gift... Who says you can only eat biscoff on a plane?

Hokies beat the rumbling wreck of Georgia Tech... Barely...

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blaireruch said...

biscoff is the best! the spread is amazing!