Sunday, October 19, 2008

Farmin' it in Craig Co.

Barbie & JC Winstead invited us to bring our homegroup out to their farm in Craig Co. pick apples and make cider. The Winsteads are the parents of our friends Kelly & John who both used to be in our homegroup, and cider making was a regular thing for several years. This summer at John's wedding, they invited us back this fall, and we were thrilled.

It was a crisp, clear day -- an absolutely gorgeous day to drive out into the country. Below are some pics of our HG's visit today to the Winstead farm. We picked apples, explored the old farmhouse, used the cider press, fed the cows by hand, touched electric fences, and enjoyed dinner! A great day! :)

1 comment:

Kelly said...

1. Very jealous of your time with the family
2. Mom already told me she fell off the ladder so we can laugh about it the next time we are together.
3. Speaking of John's you have the photos of my dad and Laurel that I took on your camera? Can you email them to me?