Thursday, October 16, 2008

Field Trip!

I'm up late because I had payroll due tonight (the stack of paperwork required for my job -- its usually about 30 pages of notes/logs). Since all our clients are billed through medicaid, we have to complete tedious paperwork for the government that is a colossal waste of paper. And I haven't yet mastered getting a little done each day so here I was again, frantically typing to get it all done.

But this post isn't about paperwork -- it's about my first FIELD TRIP OF THE YEAR!

Tomorrow, we take the 4th graders to Virginia Tech. I should say bring them here because the field trip will be closer to my home than my job is. It's a trip to the barn/animal center where the 4-H extension agent has a bunch of science-related activities set up.

It should be a blast -- and I'll write more soon.

Also, JD & Jesse's wedding is coming up this weekend, so Friday I'll leave straight from work to head to the rehearsal. I'm co-officiating this wedding with Jason Snook, so it should be lots of fun! The wedding is of course on Saturday, so it should be a busy but exciting weekend! I'll try and post pics of that early next week! :)

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