Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Massive Update!

Here are all the updates I can think of...

I'll start with the exciting news! Everyone loves baby news! :) We had our doctor's appointment March 4. We ended up having to wait for over an hour for our appointment. Because of that, and since we were the last ones of the day, the doctor offered us the opportunity to have a second ultrasound "off-the-record." (That means free!) So below is our second picture of baby Chinn. We were able to see the baby sucking its thumb and moving around a bunch! It looks like boy or girl, it's an active baby!

Job Situation:
I know some folks are curious about this. I did get a second interview for the school counselor position at the school where I currently work. Basically a second interview in our county means you're one of two finalists. That being said, typically the superintendent goes with the committee recommendation from earlier, so you go for an interview knowing that you may or may not really be up for the job. I went for my second interview with the superintendent and it went well, but I found out a few days later I did not get the job. I was stunned at first since I had basically been waiting 15 months for this job to open and felt like God was steering me towards it. That being said, I realized that I had told God that I trusted him, and if he wanted me in it then he would provide it. Therefore, since I did not get it, I had to move my faith into the reality of believing God is good and that he is the reason I did not get the job. I have developed a deep peace about the situation since then, and even though it does not make sense why I was not chosen compared to the person who was chosen, I trust that God has a different place where he wants me in the future. I could write more about this later, and probably will...

Women's Retreat:
We had our annual NLCF women's retreat on Saturday, March 28. I was "in charge" of the event, meaning I was the head delegater. Seriously, the ladies I work with are AMAZING and there is no way I could have done it without them. Our theme was "Can You Hear Me Now?" and we focused on hearing God's voice. Kati, Terri and I did the main sessions, and we had several ladies (Suzanne, Stacy, Lisa & Lina) do breakout sessions. We enjoyed an Olive Garden lunch and delicious cookies and tea in the afternoon and had an all-around lovely time. Hopefully we'll have the talks up soon online. When we do, I'll post them.

ACA Conference:
The weekend before the women's retreat, I was in Charlotte for the annual American Counseling Association convention. I went by myself this year, and attended a number of really good sessions. I learned a ton from other professionals in the field and enjoyed my two full days (7am-6pm) at the conference. I rode down to Charlotte with my friends Jesse and JD and we stayed with Jesse's parents for the weekend. It was nice to have company for the ride and to have a gracious host to let me stay. While there, the Jesse's mom gave David and I a gift of a wonderful quilt for the mini. I'll post a pic of it soon with some other things we have already been given.

Visit with Family:
We have made several trips to Richmond the past month to see my family and some of David's family. We've worked to help my mom clean her attic and my parents clean their garage out. We met David's brother Mike and sister Lisa for Dim Sum in Richmond to remember and David's father's passing away in March '07. We also grilled kabobs in Charlottesville with Lisa at her place on our way back through from seeing my family. All in all we've gotten to spend some time with family in March and it has been very nice. I have pictures from some of these things, too, and will likely do a picture update later!

Well, I think that's it for the massive post. It's shorter than I planned but still way too long. I really will try and do better at updating this thing! :)

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