Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today we had our sonogram and 19-week appointment. We had a chance to find out the gender, but we decided to stick to our guns and stay surprised. :)

So we aren't going to announce if it's a boy or girl, but we do have some new pics. Our baby was really active during the exam, which is not surprising to us! Everything is developing well and looks great according to the technician and our doctor.

Here, you'll see a 4-D pic of the baby snuggling and a 2-D pic of mini sucking its thumb. :)

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Kelly said...

God is so amazing that he makes people and lets us be a part of that creation! I love the pictures and I love the name "Mini Chinny!" Please promise me that you will never again write a preemptive post saying "big post coming soon" because I've had way too much emotion tied to waiting for the news. Love you both (three?) and will see you for the reunion in late April.