Saturday, February 6, 2010

A yummy snowy Saturday!

Or was it a snowy yummy Saturday?

We were up early this morning because Daisy was back to eating every two hours last night. She did really well at the beginning of the week and was sleeping in her own crib most of the night, and would have at least one stretch of 4-5 hours. She's definitely come down with more of a cold the past few days, and the past few nights she hasn't done nearly as well with sleep.

She fed last night at 11, 1, 3, 4, and 7. The last time, we just stayed up. I got out of bed and decided I would shovel some snow, while Wendy stayed away for awhile in bed with Daisy. (They later snuck out to the living room and watched me through the window!)

Here's the early progress I made in the's a lot of hard work to shovel the many layers of snow we developed during the week. It snowed last Saturday, again on Tuesday, and then again yesterday. It was actually still snowing while I was shoveling today.

Last Saturday, Carol Lee Donuts was closed -- but today they were open. I decided I would shovel some snow, then pull the car out and make a donut run. This would be my reward for getting up early to shovel!

Here's another pic of some donuts -- I got some for Wendy, Wade and myself. I even got a box of "old donuts" pretty cheap. Yum! Like I said, they were my reward for shoveling.

Speaking of rewards, Wendy got a reward in yesterday's mail: Her first secret shopper check!

She's been working hard the past few weeks to squeeze in some mystery shopping to earn a little extra cash, which she plans to spend on a few travel items for our upcoming trip to France.

That's about it for today so far... here's one last picture of the snow falling through our kitchen window.

Stay safe and warm!

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The Roberts said...

Jerk. You posted pictures of Carol Lee's just to make us jealous didn't you?