Sunday, May 2, 2010

NLCF Kids!

Today, Daisy spent her first day in NLCF Kids. She's been "eligible" for a month and a half, but we hadn't taken her yet. Jeanette kept bugging us, telling David that if he can't trust Daisy with her godmother, who can he trust her with? Good point Jeanette (she's the director of NLCF Kids and Daisy's godmother!).

Finally, we decided that May was the month. So we took her today, and she did great! I think it was harder for daddy than it was for Daisy.

Here he is picking her up after the service:

I think he was realy glad our friend Kristen (above cleaning up) was in with the little ones today. She's got a 1-year-old and is prego with number two, and I know David trusts her since she's a mom. :)

Look how happy he is to see her! What a great daddy!

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