Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Cards at Shutterfly (Giveaway!)

I am really excited about our Christmas cards this year. I saw a link on a friend's blog about a really cool offer from Shutterfly, in which if you blog about their products, you can get 50 free cards!

I was actually just looking in the Shutterfly catalog the other day that was mailed to us, and I LOVED a number of the holiday designs. Personally, I am kind of torn between the folded cards and the flat cards.

You can check out what they have to offer yourself at these links:

- Christmas cards

- Greeting cards

- Photo albums

- Photo cards

- Calendars

Calendars and photo books make GREAT gifts for Christmas, too, for folks that seem to "have everything" when it comes to material items. Nothing can substitute for pictures of loved ones, especially when grandchildren are involved!

So there you go! Don't take my word for it, though. Take a look for yourself and if you're into blogging and free things, maybe take advantage of the offer yourself!

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