Friday, March 11, 2011


... Mini-Chinny 2!

David mentioned this briefly in his post last Friday, when he mentioned our visits to Our Daily Bread after our prenatal visits. This mention sparked some questions of a missed announcement... nope. We've been planning to "blog-announce" our news for a while, but were waiting until we had spoken to a number of people in person, including our employers.

So finally, today, without further delay... Daisy is going to be a big sister!

We are expecting our second bundle of joy at the end of July (official due date July 29). Today, we had our 20-week ultrasound, and although we could have found out a gender prediction, we of course decided to wait and be surprised. So you'll all have to wait until July (or August if this baby is stubborn like Daisy) to see if it's a boy or a girl. But we are so excited!

Our pregnancy is going really well so far! We are thankful to have reached the half-way point without complications. I've been feeling great and have even been able to try and stay in shape with some running. In fact, I ran two races back in November when I was first pregnant but didn't know it yet. The 8k in Richmond and the half-marathon in Roanoke were both during the first month of pregnancy.

David was away on an overnight business trip in late November, and I was pretty sure at that point that I was pregnant. So I took a test, confirmed it, and then came up with a plan to surprise him. I had Daisy dressed up for when he returned...

We then decided we would tell our immediate families on Christmas Day. My parents and David's sister Lisa were in Blacksburg with us, so we had Daisy put on her "outfit" again to share the news with them. Here are a few pictures from that morning... she doesn't seem so excited about the news.

We texted these photos to the rest of our siblings and David's mom. After the New Year, we had our first doctor's visit and ultrasound.

After that, we started the process of slowing telling others, trying to catch as many folks in person as we could. We still waited awhile to announce the news to co-workers and our supervisors, making sure that things were going smooth. We then told Daisy's daycare to be expecting another Chinn to be joining them sometime this fall.

Again, we are excited to share the news with everyone. I'll close out the post with a few pictures from this morning's ultrasound. The first one is 2D, but the other two are 3D and are of mini-chinny's face and a hand up to it.

Looking forward to sharing more news as the little one gestates!

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