Friday, March 4, 2011

Two traditions

1.In the morning while mommy sleeps, Daisy and i get up and sit in the papa chair and start breakfast. Sometimes it with the book sometimes without but it's always cheerios...

2. ODB aka Our Daily Bread. A French cafe with wonderful treats but also a very good breakfast. After every prenatal visit for daisy we stopped here for breakfast. The tradition continues with number two.

My two over easy eggs, tomato, soft bacon and cheese on a home made croissant.

Wendy got the same thing with crispy bacon and scrambled uncooked eggs or meat for her!

She's a cutie and a wonderful wife and mother!


The Roberts said...

Ok is this an announcement that I have somehow missed. I think the Roberts clan needs a phone call:)

blaireruch said...

i missed this too! yay!!!!! :)