Thursday, April 28, 2011

Morning sans Daddy

David left at 4:15am for a short 2-night trip to Minneapolis for his annual participation in a research study for kidney donors.

Daisy actually slept through ALL of the storms last night, which was a blessing. Although she woke up happy and well-rested, I woke up pretty tired. I had trouble sleeping through the storms and couldn't fall back asleep after David left, especially since I knew he was driving to the airport in the middle of all of the bad weather.

The morning started with breakfast... I ate a bowl of cereal while Daisy enjoyed a scrambled egg and peaches (she has stopped eating cereal for a bit).

Then, after getting Daisy dressed for the day, I brought a few toys to the bathroom so I could get ready. Here's Daisy looking at me while I'm putting on make-up.

Finally, here's a picture that we texted Daddy before we left the house... we miss him already but we are praying for his safe travels in the midst of all of the storms and that his appointments for the study (which involve a few hours worth of IV's and periodic blood draws) go smoothly.

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