Saturday, April 2, 2011

On the road again...

Day 2 of our journey to Chicago.

Just left breakfast with David's godmother Annie in Springfield, Ohio.

Annie gave Daisy a new toy which she already loves. We hope it will keep her busy in the car!

Last night we spent the night with our friends Steve and Sarah in Columbus. We had a great time visiting. Sarah and I went for a run before dinner (she's my friend that started GYRO running club) and it was great to catch up as we struggled to run 2 miles. After making homemade pizzas for dinner, we settled in for the night and got some rested up for road trip day #2. Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures in Columbus. :(

Now onto Chicago! We just passed another Sante Fe with VA tags, a Radford sticker, plus a White Sox sticker and Bears license plus frame. How crazy to see this in Ohio! we go!

Daisy is playing in the car

And hopefully sleeping some, too.

More updates when we get to Chitown! :)

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