Friday, May 6, 2011

Big news!!!

Warning.... This is not g rated... Maybe pg or pg-13....

Tonight the unexpected happened... Everyone expected the bulls to win but who expected daisy at one day before her 20th month of life would tinkle in the potty?

She used to tell us all the time when she needed a new diaper but she doesn't do it nearly as often these days though she still does some. Often times when we go potty she'll walk in and since she saw mommy or daddy on the potty she wanted one. So... A few months ago we got her a little plastic one from ikea that she would sit on whenever we were sitting on ours... A couple weeks ago there was a little drip which I think was a 'leftover'... So tonight before taking her bath I took off her pants and diaper and then i sat on my toilet and she eventually sat on hers.

Then to my surprise she just let out a big stream of tinkle!!!! I was so proud!

Then she nonchalantly took her bath as if it were no big deal... Yup, that's my girl!

See the chocolate lips? Maggie moos....yum!


jeanette said...

NO!! She is growing up TOO fast!! But I am proud of her! And lucky for you guys ... how awesome would it be for her to be out of diapers when Baby #2 arrives!

Ashley said...

wow! impressive daisy!