Saturday, May 7, 2011

What a day!

(quick recap)

Grammy and grandpa came in last night to bring daisy a 'big girl' bed that we will try to transfer daisy into soon.

This morning Grammy put daisy in the stroller and headed to the farmers market and Starbucks while grandpa and I installed a door in the basement. It took more than we expected...

When Grammy got back we ate some lunch and daisy then took a nap while dad and I cleaned out the gutters. After daisy woke up mom took her to caboose park while dad and I finished.

Then they left rift as Jessica and Nathan showed up and did a bit of gardening in the front by the rose bushes which they were rewarded with dinner!

Then daisy and I went to a symphony in squires

The first piece was from Harry Potter which I didn't recognize since I hadnt seen any of the movies

YouTube Video

It was getting late so we left at intermission and went home. I started to change her into her pajamas and asked if she wanted to go potty so we went into the bathroom and....

YouTube Video

Maybe it's not a fluke?!?!

She's sleeping now and I'm in bed. We miss mommy but we'll see her tomorrow!!!

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