Monday, June 23, 2008

Update on Chris - June 23

So David talked to Chris this weekend, and so far there have been no other affects that they can tell from him missing the one pill. They kidney is working well and he is down to one doctor's appointment per week. He said he is doing well.

Thanks for all of your continued prayers! We'll be going to Minnesota a week from today to see all of David's siblings as well as his Mom & her sister's family. We'll be celebrating Grandpa Miller's 90th birthday up in Brainerd.

Chris has some friends who are putting on a benefit dinner on Sunday to help Chris and Katie raise some money for health expenses related to the donation. We'd love to be there, but we couldn't get plane tickets until Monday, so we'll miss the dinner.

I'll try to take some pics to post of David, Chris, and all the Chinns while up there, and will post them sometime in the next few weeks!

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