Monday, June 30, 2008

Update on Chris - Prayer Needed

Hello all-

We happen to be in Minnesota right now for Grandpa Miller's 90th Birthday celebration. We flew in this morning and Chris picked us up from the airport after his usual every few day doctor's appointment checking out the kidney.

We were set to drive over to Brainerd to join the rest of the family tonight when Chris got a call about his labs today. There has been a sudden decrease in kidney function, enough that they are very concerned about the health of the kidney.

They are going to bring him in for some extended testing, which includes more labs, ultrasounds, other imaging, etc. Right now, its scheduled for Wednesday morning (the soonest they could schedule him) but they are hoping to squeeze him in tomorrow.

Please pray for Chris and the kidney right now. Pray that God would do a miraculous healing and restore the kidney to full health.

We'll send an update as soon as we have one.

Thanks all.

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darkestofwings said...

when you say "the kidney", that means the only working one, i.e. Dave's kidney?