Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Each year, David and I travel to a different city for our "anniversary" NFL tradition. It started on our honeymoon when David suprised me with tickets to see the Falcons play the 49ers in San Francisco. It was my first NFL game and we had a great time. (In fact, the whole trip to San Fran was a surprise because I let him plan the honeymoon and had no idea where we were going until the 2nd leg of the plane trip!!! What fun!)

Anyway, the next year, for our first anniversary, I surprised David with tickets to Atlanta to see Chicago, our favorite team. We then realized we had a cool tradition going, and decided to keep it. So each fall we travel to the away team from the year before and catch another game and explore another city.

So far, we've been to:

Atlanta Falcons v. San Francisco 49ers (honeymoon)
Chicago Bears v. Atlanta Falcons (1st ann.)
Washington Redskins v. Chicago Bears (2nd ann.)
Cincinnati Bengals v. Washington Redskins (3rd ann.)
Indianapolis Colts v. Cincinnati Bengals (4th ann.)
Miami Dolphins v. Indianapolis Colts (5th ann.)
Baltimore Ravens v. Miami Dolphins (6th ann.)
Philadelphia Eagles v. Baltimore Ravens (7th ann.)

This means next year we'll travel to Philly to catch a new game and choose our new city based upon who the Eagles play.

But for now, here are a few pics from our weekend in Baltimore...

David drove us to Baltimore and as we got in the city, this is what we saw...

Yes, there was the Baltimore CHRISTMAS parade happening (and blocking the road) on November 22. So we waited in standstill traffic for about a half hour.

When we got to our hotel and went to our room, there was someone in the room assigned to us watching TV. It turned out to be the hotel manager, who was checked in to stay the night to help with a wedding at the hotel. Because of the mistake, he booked us in a corner room and sent us some goodies later.

After we got settled in the hotel room, we went out and grabbed some lunch at Pizzeria Uno's (Chicago Deep Dish!!!) and then walked around the Inner Harbor and up on Federal Hill. We had both seen Federal Hill park a bunch but never climbed up the hill to actually explore it. It was very windy and cold but we had fun walking around and chasing squirrels.

Saturday night we went to ESPNZone to watch VT play Duke on TV. We also ate dinner in the big recliners and played some games...

Sunday we went to the game... we had great lower level endzone seats (answered prayer on getting those tickets at face value 10 minutes before the game!). We saw a Philly kickoff return for touchdown and a Ravens' 108-yard INT return for touchdown (longest in NFL history).

After the game, we headed home after a great weekend in Baltimore. Next year, we'll blog about PHILLY!

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