Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bonjour d' Aix

Bonjour! It's Sunday morning here and we're at Dom & Hilary's apartment to eat breakfast. The six travelers (us, Jorie & Steve, & Kelly & Kevin) walked over this morning from our apartment. During the day, we can cut through a beautiful park. (pictured below, from this morning)

Yesterday, we woke up after a full night's rest (much needed!) and Hilary met us to walk us over to the center of Aix (where they live). It's about an 10-minute walk, and we arrived and went to a little cafe for breakfast. We ate pastries & jam and enjoyed a hot beverage. From there we walked through the market in Aix (open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays).

Dom went and retrieved the church van, which he's using to transport us around. We met up with their friends Tim & Apryl, Americans from Pennsylvania who have lived around the world the past 20 years and been in Aix the past 8 years. Tim led us on a tour of parts of the Southern wine region, where we gazed at the countryside and went in search of open wineries. We finally found one, and a number of folks in our group enjoyed some wine tasting. We stopped for lunch in Pertuis and found a cute little restaurant with a cave-like basement room and had a delicious lunch. Very French and tasty.

We then headed back towards Aix, stopped in one town to take photos that was built primarily in the 16th century but also featured buildings built by the Romans. Back in Aix (or just outside of it), we headed to Tim & Apryl's house and enjoyed an evening of Wii and fondue.

Today we hope to head down towards the Mediterranean to explore that region some. More later!

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Smitty said...

Sounds like y'all are having a great time in a beautiful place. Thanks for the updates - keep them coming!

P.S. Everything fell right for the Beagles and then they went out and beat Dallas 44-6, making the playoffs - ya just never know...