Sunday, February 1, 2009


I finally have my computer up and running. Long story, but I haven't had my personal computer since Christmas, which is one reason I haven't been blogging and a reason I haven't posted more pics from France and our weekend trip to Chicago in January. Without my picture I couldn't even download all my pics... so they are still sitting on my camera.

The great news is that I am back up with full functioning, and hope to be blogging a lot more soon! AND THIS WEEK I AM DOWNLOADING PICS FROM FRANCE! YAY! So be on the lookout!

Of course since today is the Superbowl, and since we have a bunch of folks coming over later, I have plenty to do. (Especially since I also have to turn in my payroll paperwork by 8am.)

But we are alive and well in Blacksburg and I am excited to be back in the blog world! AND I PROMISE, PARIS PICS SOON!