Thursday, August 27, 2009

No News Yet!

I know a lot of folks are curious... because for all our delinquency lately, I promise we will post an update when we are in labor and the baby has been born.

But unfortunately, we don't have any news yet. We are 48 hours from due date and we don't have any clue how long it will be until it's time.

We had our latest doctor's appointment yesterday and he confirmed that mini-chinny is very, very low and in position -- the problem is there is no room for him to exit right now. I have no dilation or effacing really happening. Once contractions start, the baby is in position so things should move decently once I start with some heavy contractions. But so far, I've just been having light contractions on and off for a week. One night they lasted a while and I started timing them, but they stopped and it was a false alarm. So there's really not much to report... yet.

But I promise we'll update when there is something to say. Keep checking back!

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