Saturday, August 29, 2009

Goodbye Terri

Those of you in Blacksburg know that our dear friend Terri, who has been on full-time staff with our church the past several years, has decided to move. Friends of Terri gathered tonight at Souvlaki's downtown for a going away party. Jeanette and Terri have been having Monday roommate lunches at Souvlaki's the past several years and have become friends with the owner Mike.

When Terri decided she was officially moving in early September, they asked Mike about having the going away party there. Mike agreed and shut down early tonight for a private gathering of Terri's friends. Terri and Jeanette helped take orders and work the counter, which was fun to watch. It was jam packed in there, too!

Here are a few pics of the 204 girls working the party:

A fun way to close out my birthday, although David and I peaced out early because it was soooo hot in there with all the people!

We were glad to celebrate with Terri even if it meant we weren't having a baby yet. :)

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