Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

What a fantastic weekend of fun! But I am very tired... When I last wrote, we were in the car traveling to Mechanicsville. I had a suicide prevention training in Hampton Roads, and we were spending the nights in Mechanicsville so my mom could watch Daisy and David and my dad could look at cars found on craigslist. (We were looking for a used car with a bigger backseat to better fit our car seat.)

The training in Hampton was great and I learned a lot. I also met some wonderful colleagues at other community colleges who were able to give me some great tips for my job.

Friday, after the conference, I headed to DC to meet David, Daisy and my parents. They headed up earlier in the day to check into our hotel in the Ballston area (Arlington). Our hope is that I would make it up there in time for the Nationals-White Sox baseball game. Unfortunately, I got stuck in traffic in Newport News and didn't get to DC until 8:30 at night. We ended up just eating dinner at PF Chang's and going to sleep.

Saturday, I slept in and it was glorious! David took Daisy over to Grammy and Grandpa's hotel room, and he and dad went and got Panera bagels while mom watched Daisy. And I slept. Wonderful.

We then got cleaned up and went towards DC. We took the metro in and ate lunch at the food court in the Ronald Regan Federal Building. We then walked out and took a few pictures of Daisy and us in front of the Washington Monument. We then took the metro over towards the Nationals game.

We enjoyed the White Sox-Nats game this time, which was Daisy's first pro baseball game. We moved from our seats into the shade, hoping no one would show up. Some people approached us because we were in there seats and guess what? We knew them! Yup. It was Hannah and Chris Steele and two of their friends. Crazy! Of all the seats we could have sat in at Nats Stadium, we chose seats of people we knew, who were nice enough to not make us leave! They just sat around us. :)

The Sox won and we headed to Union Station to enjoy Pizzeria Uno's. I needed a serious Spinoccoli fix. Yummy.

Sunday morning, we got up and went to Dim Sum to celebrate Father's Day. Lisa picked us up at our hotel and we headed to Falls Church, where we met back up with my parents and some friends we know from VT (Gary, his brother Ross, and Joel). It was a very tasty meal and fun to share the Dim Sum experience with some people trying it for the first time.

Lisa, David, Daisy and I headed to the game, where we met back up with Gary and Joel. We bought $5 tickets and sat in the shade and enjoyed another White Sox win! Yay!

Lisa dropped us back off at our car at the Franconia-Springfield Metro stop (where I parked Friday) and we started the journey home. We stopped in Charlottesville for a quick dinner with Lisa and to give Daisy a break from the carseat, and we got back to Blacksburg finally around 11:00 last night. Wow.

Wonderful weekend though. I gave David a framed portrait of Daisy for Father's Day, along with a desk calendar with pics of her for the next year. He was very surprised and appreciative! I had done a secret photo shoot with my uncle Keith, a photographer, when I stayed in Richmond without David the few days after mother's day. For once, I was able to keep a surprise for David!!! :)

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