Saturday, January 15, 2011

Still napping

Daisy was still napping when we got back to the hotel so mommy and daisy snuggled in the bed while mommy updated her fantasy football lineup on her laptop.

But not for long... Daisy soon woke up and was hungry. Luckily aunt Katie had given her some yogurt covered pretzels which she loved licking and sucking the yogurt covering off and then eating. You can somewhat see the yogurt that got all over her hands, face and then her hair!

The rest of the clan went to morimotos for dinner. We opted out of this knowing a little downtime would be good for us an our wallot!

So we ordered carryout that daddy walked over to pick up.

I got a club and Wendy two more grilled cheese and a salad. Coincidentally it was the same place i got carryout from in December 2009. Both times are meals were not quite as good as the again, we got 'rex'd!'

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