Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dim sum in Philly!

Wendy, Daisy and I walked a few blocks to the pseudo Chinatown in Philly for some dim sum. I had done some research on the web beforehand and found a place we wanted to try. However when we got there the door was locked... Across the street was another place i recognized the name of so we went inside. Well... We tried to. It was packed!

We had to wait to be seated but once we did the carts were rolling.

Wendy got plenty of her favorite, 'woo-gak' a fried tarot root.

We also got some of the usual favorites bao and shu mai. The shu mai was some of the best I've had! And daisy loved the bao and the shu mai...

She even ate from my chopsticks!

Dim sum was a lot of fun for us. Up next we need will pick up chris and Katie from the airport and then onto the cheesesteak challenge!

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