Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday's update

Well yesterday turned out to be a long day for several reasons...

First, as you all saw on the news, we had the VT alert situation. For those of us around here in 2007, it definitely brought back some strange feelings and uneasiness. At the same time, it surprised many of us that a simple report of a "possible" gun made the national news. We can all understand why VT took the stance they did in sending out the alert, but it was very strange that it made the national news so quickly. I spent my morning getting updates from David, who of course was on campus at work, while watching the news coverage. Since we live less than a mile from campus, I was constantly looking out my window looking for anything suspicious and trying to listen for sirens, etc. Made for an interesting morning.

I headed out in the early afternoon for my 41-week check-up. This one was over at the hospital office with one of the nurse-midwives. I intentionally chose this so I could see this nurse practitioner, Sherrie, because she is my favorite of all the docs/midwives in the group.

She checked me out and said that I was 2cm and about 60% effaced. She said the main hold-up was that the uterus was posterior...basically, it needs to angle forward. She went ahead and pulled it forward with her hand and when she did, she said the baby slid right on down. She felt that it wouldn't be a whole week (which would mean induction), and that she felt that once I started having contractions, things would speed way up. So she gave me some suggestions on how to get some solid contractions going.

Because it was the 41-week visit (albeit a day early), she went ahead and sent me across the hospital to get the NST (non stress test) and another BPP. This began the second half of my long day... After sitting through the first 30 minutes of the NST, the nurse told me she "wasn't thrilled" with the way the baby was moving around. About that time, patient transport showed up to take me to ultrasound for the BPP. I went to ultrasound and waited for 10 minutes, then had the BPP done. Again, things looked good, but it did take a few minutes and lots of poking/prodding to get the baby to move one final time to score an 8/8. I was told they wanted to see me back in the birthplace to continue the NST, so I walked back across the hospital. I walked through the door only to have a nurse tell me that they needed one more pic in ultrasound, so I had to walk back over. I went back, got one pic taken that apparently had not printed correctly, and then walked back to the birthplace.

David wasn't with me, as he had a meeting he was unable to get out of. This was the first baby visit he's ever missed (with either pregnancy) and of course it was the one where I was going all over the place. When I got back for the NST, they told me they were looking for more activity. Earlier in the afternoon, there were a few "concerns" about the readings and they wanted to see some more. I laid there for 15 minutes and not much was happening. They had me move around and change positions and drink some juice and do just about anything to see if the baby would move more. All the while, I was texting David trying to make arrangements for him to get Daisy from daycare, which was going to pose a challenge since I had the car seat with me 15 minutes away. Fortunately, the position changes worked and mini-chinny began to move quite a bit. The nurse sent the strip up to Sherrie, who was monitoring me all afternoon, and she said she felt comfortable with what she had seen and letting me go. I walked out of the hospital feeling better (it was a nerve-wracking afternoon) about 5:15...just in time for me to get to Blacksburg and meet David at daycare and give he and Daisy a ride home (he had biked to work).

We grabbed some dinner and headed out to our bible study for the evening. It was nice to get out of the house and spend the night with friends and be able to take my mind off of the events of the day.

Today, we walked to breakfast and I had some contractions, but they stopped as soon as I stopped walking. I then went to a friend's house for "mommy lunch" where a bunch of moms and kids come over. I decided to have David drop Daisy and I off with the stroller, and after a few hours there, I walked home. This way I could get some contractions going and Daisy could nap in the stroller. I thought the house was about 1.5 miles away...turns out it is a full 2 miles. Anyway, I walked home pushing Daisy through some neighborhoods, some with a few hills. It was good exercise and definitely got some contractions going. David met me for the final 1/4 mile (I called him to come out) so he helped push Daisy up the hill on our road.

I have been relaxin at home for the afternoon and have been having contractions on/off. We'll see what happens the rest of the night...

Here are a few pics from the end of the week.

This is a pic from the ultrasound. It's hard to make out, but it's a front-on view of the face.

Wednesday afternoon, I walked Daisy to the park in our neighborhood (1/2 mile away...up a giant hill). We had fun playing together.

At homegroup on Thursday night, Daisy got some chocolate dessert... you can tell by her mouth she enjoyed it!

This afternoon, Daisy was playing around in the basement while I relaxed. I'm not sure what she was trying to do with her legs...

More updates to come... hopefully soon!

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