Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Update and Daisy pics

Several folks have asked about the BPP ultrasound yesterday. It went well and the baby scored an 8/8. Plenty of movement, a strong heartbeat, and the fluid levels and placenta looked okay. The technician took measurements but didn't tell us what those were. I'll ask at the appointment on Thursday (assuming no baby between now and then) to find out if they have an estimate or not.

Because the baby is sitting so low, the technician also had a hard time getting an angle and good picture of the head to measure. This explains all the pressure I have been feeling down there... the baby is about as low as it can be without me being in labor.

Again, so far, this is duplicating how things went with Daisy. That means if this baby continues to be consistent with Daisy, we'd be looking at next Monday as possibly going into labor. Although I would enjoy it being sooner, it would mean that our baby would share a birthday with Jeanette (our dear friend and Daisy's godmother).

In other events, I decided to try a new recipe last night for a "sweet sausage marsala." It turned out great, and I had some wonderful help in the kitchen.

My helper, who was eating grapes while I cooked:

The ingredients:

The finished product:

These pictures are from today, and just because Daisy is cute and there can't be enough pictures of her. She is sporting a dress that her Gramma Chinn sent her.

That's all for now... more updates later.

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