Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nice to meet you

Here are some visitors who have come to meet me:

My big sister Daisy

My Grammy and Grandpa Rose

Lots of mommy and daddy's friends. Here's Jessamyn:

And Jeanette:

Kristal, Jackie and Evan also came by but mommy forgot to snap pictures of them. But thy all held me, too.

Then mommy's friend Peggy from work came by. She and the other Peggy sent some balloons from NRCC.

 We received flowers and cards from several other people as well.
Finally, I got to meet two of my aunts. Aunt Cheri had a chance to snuggle with me in the hospital before I went home.

When I got home, Aunt Lisa was waiting to meet me as well.

It's been great to get so many visitors and I look forward to meeting new people in the coming days and weeks. Thanks to everyone who has checked in on me so far, either in person or with my mommy and daddy via phone, text, or email. It's nice to know that I'm already so loved! :)

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