Monday, June 25, 2012

Father's Day, BBQ contest, and a few other pics

I finally remembered to download the father's day pictures off of David's phone. Ever since my iPhone ended up in the washing machine in our "Daisy helps with laundry" fiasco, I've taken a lot of pics with David's phone. The problem with that is that then I don't have them to post... grrrr...

Anyway, my parents came through Blacksburg on the Saturday afternoon before Father's Day and spent the night. They were on their way to Texas and decided to spend a night with us. We got up early Sunday morning and went to Cracker Barrel before they hit the road towards Memphis.

Here are a few pics from Cracker Barrel.

Also, here is one my most favorite recent pics of the girls... I just love the look on Rose's face for some reason in the one where she's reaching for the camera!

This past weekend, David participated in a BBQ contest in Fluvanna county with his brother Mike and one of Mike's friends.

They chose to enter the "backyard" portion of the contest instead of the full pro contest. This meant they only competed in 2 out of the usual 4 events, which were ribs and chicken.

Here are a few pics of the ribs:

Although the narrowly placed second in both categories (by less than a point each time), their combined score far surpassed all of their competition, making them the grand champions!

While David was away on Saturday, the girls and I tried to get out and have some fun around town. Since Daddy had the car, we had to stick close by and could only go where my legs and the stroller would take us. We walked to McDonald's for breakfast Saturday morning, and Daisy loved her hotcakes.

Daisy and Rose both managed to nap at the same time for a few minutes (about 20 overlapping minutes) so mommy could start cleaning the house. Here's Rose asleep on the living room floor:

In the afternoon, Jessamyn came by and helped mommy clean the house. This was a huge help (she did a lot of dished for us!). We then loaded up the stroller and walked with us downtown to Summer Solstice. There, Daisy 'won' a Dora blowup doll thanks to mommy's prowess on the hammer-bell game.

We visited there with Jess & Nathan, Rachel (Jess's sis), Karin, Cory, Terri, Jeanette, and Carl & Betty. That kept us busy until dinnertime, when we finally walked home and did bathtime before Daddy got home.

It was a fun weekend and we're glad Daddy is home, where he is always our grand champion! :)

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