Friday, June 8, 2012

First fall and a day with mommy at work

It took 10 months, but it finally happened. Rose had her first 'major' fall.

It was around 4:20 in the morning, when it happened. One minute I was nursing Rose on my side of the bed. Next thing I know, she crawled/rolled off  of David's side of the bed (which was vacant because David was snuggling Daisy who had woken up crying earlier in the night).

I heard the thump and the crying begin, and I bolted to scoop her up. I checked her out, and she seemed fine. I was able to get her calmed down and such, but I was wide awake. I felt terrible that it had happened. I'm still not sure how it all happened so fast.

Needless to say, even though she was moving around and babbling as normal, I didn't feel comfortable taking her to daycare. I just wanted to keep my own eye on her all day. So she went to work with mommy.

She played around, took a nap, ate some, and had a typical day sitting next to me at work. I was sitting at the receptionist desk in my office helping to cover for our office assistant who was out today. Rose became the life of the office and was making everyone who walked in smile. All in a day's work for a little girl!

She continues to seem like she is fine and showing no ill effects from her tumble from the bed. And let's hope tonight is more restful, as I'll be getting up early to run a half-marathon in the morning.

More tomorrow... sweet dreams!

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