Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday Update

Thank you everyone for praying for Chris.

He just arrived in Brainerd to join the rest of the family, and had encouraging results to share. Basically, the ultrasound was normal and the labs were normal as well!

Praise Jesus! They don't have any thoughts as to why Monday's showed up with rapid decline, but today they were comfortable enough with the results to allow him to travel and join the family.

His next appointment is scheduled for early next week, and we pray that things continue to look good at that time. Keep him and the kidney in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for your support of our family during this time. David and I have felt like it was no coincidence that it happened this week while we were physically here. We are praying that we can be the examples God desires us to be in the Chinn family and that we can be the literal hands and feet of Christ this week.

We are humbled that God has answered our prayer for a miracle of normal test results and we look forward to communicating more of God's healing of Chris in the future. Keep praying! God is good. :)

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amethyst said...

Praise the LORD!! Thanks for letting us know and we are passing along the info to everyone who has been asking. Mom