Tuesday, August 5, 2008


1) annie has a great post here about the "american" dream

2) papa might be moving to the rehab facility today. keep praying for him and his recovery.

3) the white sox are playing terrible baseball right now, and are mere percentage points in the lead in the AL central. if they keep playing poorly and losing, you might want to know in advance that david and i will probably get cranky in august.

4) we have kept our bedroom clean for over a week now. like ridiculously clean where we put everything away at night and there are no random stacks growing. this is a first for me, so i am very, very proud and working hard to start new habits.

5) i just finished watching this season's biggest loser. i had to DVR them in the spring with finishing up grad school and the kidney transplant, and i finally got through the final 4 episodes i had missed. that show gives me lots of motivation to eat right and stay in shape. it's all about lifestyle choices. and the advantage of having trainer bob kick you in the pants daily or trainer jilian scream put total fear in you. i'm sure that has something to do with the success of the finalists... :)

okay, that's all the random tidbits for now.


The Roberts said...

I'm proud of you for putting everything away at night! Miss you!

Annie said...

Hey! I've never been quoted in anyone else's blog before! I feel honored =) I didn't even think what I said was all that well written, but I'm glad you understood what I was going for.
Thanks Wen!