Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the good news and bad news...

always better to start with the "bad" news first... september is here and still no mini-chinny! we are still on the great baby-wait of '09 and i am beginning to wonder if i am permanently pregnant. at least that's what some of my co-workers keep joking around with me!

all-in-all, it's not terrible news -- just not what i was hoping for. we will keep you posted on the baby, though.

in "good" news, i have the day off today from school because of a water problem in giles county. that's right, it's the second day of school and we already are missing a day. that is some good news indeed. yesterday, i will be honest, i was quite miserable being at school. i really was not looking forward to today, so when i got the call last night saying school would be canceled for a "major county-wide water problem" i was leaping with joy. what an answered prayer!!!!

katie pepiot returns to blacksburg today after just getting home from her peace corps duties in south africa the past 2 years. i am so excited i cannot wait. she really wanted to see me pregnant -- maybe that's why i have not had this baby yet! anyway, she just promised me on the phone that once she arrives around lunch, we will do everything possible to get this baby out. i love her persistence and dedication to me. this is the girl who took me off her christmas card list 9 years ago when we worked in hokie grill as students at VT. who knew then that almost a decade later, we'd still be amazing friends and she'd be here with me in the final moments when i'm going out of my mind trying anything possible to get this baby out of my belly into my arms!

more later... gotta get some work done from home today! oh the joys of paperwork and my job...


Afternoon update: Katie arrived to Blacksburg safely!

Above is Katie hugging Jessamyn! It's so great to have her back in Blacksburg from the Peace Corps. She plans to stay and visit through Mini-Chinny bring born. :)


Sher Vogel said...

wendy chinn, you're awesome AND hilarious!!! I hope that baby does come. And no doubt, mini chinni is waiting for the k po. mini chinni's gotta enter with style! anyways, hope you enjoy time with katie. just be sure to send her back in a week ;)

enjoy your day off!

blaireruch said...

thanks for updating, wendy! i have been checking constantly! maybe mini-chinny wants to wait until gramps gets back from AZ. praying for a smooth delivery and healthy baby and mama! can't wait to see who comes out!