Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Daisy meets the Fearnow/Evans clans

Last night, Daisy had a chance to meet some family friends that have known me since I was born. And now they know Daisy since she's been born.

Growing up, there were three families that hung out a bunch -- the Fearnows, the Evans, and my family, the Roses. We grew up in church together, and our parents all are good friends. They've done New Year's Eve together and the Super Bowl together for the past 30 years.

Each family had two kids, and although staggering in ages, I was the youngest of the six. Everyone else has had kids for a while, and we try to get together around Christmas each year to catch up with everyone. Last night, we finally added to the mix of the 3rd generation. Daisy was introduced to the clan.

It was a great time to introduce her, and everyone enjoyed meeting and holding her.

We even all gathered around the tv and watched an old home video of the six kids playing kickball back in 1988. That video had us all laughing out loud -- literally -- as we reminisced about our childhood and were embarrassed by our hair and clothes! :)

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blaireruch said...

i love WGBC peeps! So thankful to God for those years and amazing influences. hang in there daisy! :)