Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Simple Happenings

Since the last update, we've had a regular week of work and daycare.

I'll do a quick update of the highlights.

Daisy has been sleeping MUCH better on her own.

She'll spend part of each night now in her own "bed" (a small bassinet in our room.)

She also continues to be super cute all the time.

We have begun to prepare for Christmas this week. On Monday, I put up our small bedroom Christmas tree. David gave me this tree the first Christmas we were married, along with one ornament. Each year he's given me the next ornament in the Hallmark series. :)

We also have gotten our Advent wreath our and have been celebrating as a family each night. I'm really enjoying the book we're using.

A few other random pics:

David opening his new food processor (his birthday gift from last week).

David eating his free ice cream at Coldstone (another birthday treat).

The NBC Sunday Night Football truck travelling down Interstate 81 on Monday.

That's about it for the week so far... more to come later in the week!

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