Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowy Sunday

A number of churches cancelled services today, but NLCF decided to have our downtown service.

David met some other guys at 7am at our Jackson Street building to help shovel snow. The got the entrance and some of the parking lot cleared. We held our service there instead of the lyric. There was a nice crowd and it was a meaningful service. I especially enjoyed the music.

Daisy slept through most of the service on David.

This evening, we had our last family Advent time at home. David built a fire and Daisy fell asleep in his lap again.

We never got around to decorating our tree this year. Staring at it last night, I felt like it was symbolic of our advent focus. The book we've been reading has been focusing on the meaning of a number of Christmas traditions. Our plain tree has served as a reminder this year of the simple beauty of Jesus' birth.

His entrance into this world was not overly celebrated. It was humble and simple. But it was also more glorious and beautiful than anything else.

As we've enjoyed the season this year with our new baby, we've been reminded of the simple joys of Christmas.

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