Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lots and Lots of SNOW!!!

It's 9:01am Saturday and we just took Daisy outside to "play" in the snow.

We have a video clip and lots of pics to post. Stay tuned...


It's now 10:57am and I've been working to get lots up from yesterday and today on the blog.

Here's some video:

Mommy taping up Daisy's too big snowpants

Mommy & Daisy in their snow gear

The front of houseofchinn

David, standing in the street, taking video.

It even snowed up in our carport -- we won't get the cars dug out for a while!

Daisy sitting in a chair watching Daddy & Mommy throw a football in the backyard.

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Kelly said...

I dig the whale hat with the ear flaps.