Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Grammy & Grandpa come for a visit

I'm not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but we found out that Daisy had thrush again at her 4 month visit. That meant she was unable to go to daycare. Myself, Daddy and our friend Jess covered last Tuesday and Mama Staats covered Wednesday and Thursday. Daddy David covered Friday and then we had the weekend. While we were pretty sure it was going away, we thought we should keep her out a few more days. My mom rearranged a few things and she and my dad came Sunday afternoon. We all hung out on Monday since we were off for MLK day. Then Grammy & Grandpa watched Daisy all day Tuesday and half of today (Wednesday). Daisy returned to daycare this afternoon.

I know Daisy had a blast hanging out with them and we're so grateful they were able to come take care of her during one of the busiest times of semester for me at work.

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