Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday and Saturday

I worked yesterday (Friday) while David stayed home with Daisy, who has thrush and therefore isn't at daycare this week. David surprised me by bringing Daisy up to New River. What a great treat!

Here she is being held by Mark, my old boss.

After work, we were invited to the Staats home for a Wii game night. Here David watches Evan play.

Today, we visited the field house at VT for a track meet. David's sis was in town with the UVA team where she serves as the trainer. We took her some lunch and she got to snuggle with Daisy for a bit.

Here are David, Daisy and Lisa posing for a pic.

We had some folks over to watch the VT-FSU bball game (unfortunately the Hokies couldn't pull this one out). Our friend Jim had fun flying Daisy around in the air.

Finally, here's the video of the day. Wade and Daisy both making noises!5490355246033918

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