Friday, January 29, 2010

The day after a great win...

Last night was a blast! Hokies won an amazing game in overtime! Wow! After the game, Lisa brought a pizza to our hotel and we chowed down.

Below are a few final pictures from the game last night:

Dongbo and Wade went to the game, too -- it was Dongbo's birthday!

Friday morning we slept in at the hotel. Here's Daisy snoozing in the room.

Once she woke up, I dressed her in her pink Nike outfit that our friend Jen gave her. Isn't she sporty and cute?

For lunch, we met our friends Ben and Emili and their two children. They are friends of ours from college and moved out to Los Angeles a year after graduation. This past year, they moved back to Virginia and now live in Charlottesville.

A daddy & daughter pose: David and Ben with their daughters.

After we left Bodo's Bagels, we headed to Lisa's house to let Daisy hang out with her Aunt a little longer. We then went to Anna's place and hung out for a bit, ending our evening eating dinner with Anna at LittleJohn's.

We made it back in time tonight to beat the snow... I'm guessing tomorrow we wake up to a white ground!

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