Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowy Sunday

Well we're sleeping in church. Lots of snow outside!

David posted a bunch of videos yesterday morning. Hope you enjoyed!

I took some photos from the rest of the day...

Daisy in her snowsuit.
David, Wade, Jim, and Marcus (who was in town) went down the street and played no dribble snow basketball.
Daisy and I went to watch for 5 minutes just to get some exercise. We didn't stay out too long because it was so cold.
Daisy on her belly.
Today is Evan's birthday. A group of us celebrated last night with dinner at the Cellar and then games back at HOC.
MarioKart was a hit...
The boys played poker...Scotty & David were the last two.
Folks caught up with one another (Terri was in from out of town...)
Jim & Daisy having some fun...
Wade held Daisy while some Wii was being played...

This morning, we just lounged around. Here's Daisy just relaxing on a blanket.
David using the meat slicer to cut up some cheese. We got a big block at Sam's Club, and David sliced it up and we sealed some to save, kept some out to use.
Yum... look at all our stacks of cheese. I think we might be eating some grilled cheese soon...

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