Friday, June 4, 2010

Yes, a new post!

David and I both know that we are WAY behind on posting. Things have just gotten busy and we got behind and you know sometimes, you want to catch up all at once and you don't have time, so you don't do anything.

Well, this is a first baby step on getting caught up. Basically, it's a massive update attempt.

Really, there haven't been many posts in May. That when things fell apart!

For Mother's Day weekend, we went to Richmond and stayed with our friends Steve and Jorie. David did a post about that weekend.

The next week, I stayed in Richmond for two days while David went to Minnesota. At that point, he posted a few things, but I didn't have a chance. Then we were absent for good.

I'm working on the following posts (and I'll include links because I'm going to back date the posts):

- Week of May 10-15 -- Wendy with family and graduation weekend
- Week of May 10-15 -- David's trip & returning home
- Week of May 16-21 -- houseofchinn kitchen reorganizing/redecorating
- Weekend of May 22 & 23 -- Daisy's baby dedication at church
- Week of May 24-28 -- Daisy's first ear infection, etc.
- Weekend of May 28-31 -- Memorial Day Weekend with family
- Week of June 1-4 -- this week

And that should catch us up to now!

Keep checking back to this post, and as I said, I'll put links up for each post so you know when they've been written!

Happy Friday everyone!

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blaireruch said...

yay, i was on daisy withdrawal.
she is so adorable!
glad you're getting lots of family time!